Starting at the highest navigable point on the River Wye paddle your way to the famous town of books Hay on Wye, just in time for lunch. After soaking up this great little town jump back in your canoe and head onwards to the Old Toll bridge at Whitney on Wye.


Starting at the high point of navigation on the Wye and heading down to the famous town of books Hay on Wye. From here you continue to paddle down stream passed the Norman Castle of Clifford finishing at the Whitney on Wye Toll Bridge.


Local History

From top to bottom this section of river has a wealth of local history to explore as you paddle down stream. First of all you can explore the Marches town of Hay on Wye then continue on to the Norman settlement of Clifford castle.


The Town

At about you’re half way point you reach the famous town of books Hay on Wye. This not only makes it a great place to stretch your legs and explore but also stop for a little lunch.

Amazing Views

This beautiful section of the river Wye benefits from having a mountain backdrop. Sitting right on the edge of the Black mountains you’re spoiled with awesome mountain views for pretty much the entire trip.



From Only £30.00pp

Hereford Kayak Canoe expect this trip to last up to 6 hours, starting from £30.00pp



Think Ahead

It’s important to bring suitable clothing for the weather conditions of the day, however, always think ahead…it’s better to be prepared for the worst than getting caught out!! Waterproofs and a warm layer are essential


Sun Factor

We all love a little canoeing on a sunny day. Canoeing gives you very little protection from the sun and the added glare coming up off the water only adds to the heat. A sun hat, sunglasses, sun cream and even a long-sleeved shirt are priceless and essential bits of kit on a sunny day. Remember to suncream the knees!!


Food & Drink

When out on any river trip it is hugely important to bring enough food and water – There are sections of the River Wye can be fairly remote and opportunities to restock on food and water can be few and far between. Ensure to take enough food and drink with you to keep you going for the duration of the day.